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Notes of a SOLDIER
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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in Zack's LiveJournal:

Monday, June 19th, 2006
12:34 am
I know, I know. Ghosts can't write letters. And it's late for me to do this. but I think it needs to be done.


I know I was a handful as a kid. And I'm sorry I never got the chance to say goodbye to you and Mom. But I like to think that I... I did what I could to make you proud of me.

Thanks for everything, Pop. I'll always love you.

- Your son, Zackary

...Now to go see what User's up to. Oh Useeeeeer, I'm gonna mess with the plumbing system agaaaaain. >:3

Current Mood: thoughtful
Thursday, May 18th, 2006
8:05 pm
No Title! :O
Oi! Zax? Cloud? User?

You three up for a booze run? Yes, I know I'm a gohst. And I don't know if ghosts (or whatever it is I am, because I'm not sure) can actually get stark-raving drunk. But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Plus, y'know, I haven't really talked to you guys a lot. And since I guess I'm part of the family now (I'm my own brother! :D), might as well get to know you guys, right?

But yeah. Booze me, please!

Current Mood: bouncy
Friday, April 21st, 2006
11:48 pm
This Nexus place is seriously fucked up, man. There is a frickin' Hojo on the loose. It's like Fate just randomly decided one day that "oh, just so we can really mess with your ghostly brain, Zack, is not a creepy-ass scientist who poked you and Cloud full of holes. He's a Turk. Mmmmmkay? Oh! And Jenova? Is a frickin human woman. The Lucrecia woman is the Menace from Another Universe."

...Is there a phrase for this sort of thing? Something besides "Seriously Fucked Up" or "Too Freaky For Words"? Because brother, do I ever need one. I can tell from here that this Nexus doohickey is going to be a constant threat to my sanity. So much for the afterlife being a peaceful one.

(And why was Seph ranting about coffee earlier on there? What, did somebody mess with his supply or something? Because lemme tell ya, that's only something a suicidal man would do. I'm looking in your direction, Zax!)

(...And as an added note? Turk!Hojo's not that bad of a guy. Y'know, for being the alternate of the guy who ruined my life. ...Eurgh. I am never gonna get used to this place, am I?)

Current Mood: damn well confused
Thursday, April 13th, 2006
11:32 pm
Spectral WhoziWhatsit

Get your own spectral analysis from Area 23®

Check it! I'm purple! XD And... very much on the extremes. All one or the other, but little middle ground. Hmm! I wonder what that means.

Ah well. Off to devise more cunning and insulting nicknames for the Disembodied Head From Planet Q. XD Otherwise known as ol' No Body, Jenova.

...I think I'm gonna have fuuuuuun with this "helping Other-Me" business. >:D

Current Mood: plotting
10:00 pm
Log One: Arrival
Another me. A me who's still alive. I don't know whether to dance in sheer glee that at least one version of me survived, or if I'm supposed to tell him about what happened to me. Er, him. Or whatever it is.

This makes my head hurt. So he's me, and yet he's not me. And there's a Cloud who's sort of the old chocobo head I know, and sort of... well, sort of like the old rookie he used to be. Back before shit went belly-up at Nibelheim. Before... Gyah! I'm not gonna think about that! Way too painful for me to deal with right now! Maybe later I'll get that straight.

But right now, I need to devise me some schemes. That prank other-me and Chocobo Head (Cloud, that is) pulled sounds absolutely priceless. So, of course, I've gotta one-up 'em.

Hey, I'm a SOLDIER First Class. I've got a reputation to uphold!

Current Mood: confused
7:17 pm
OOC, yo! :P
You see those entries below me? Yyyeah, fee free to ignore 'em. This little boy's been ressurected (pun intended) to dwell happily at dear_multiverse. So yep, that's it, really! If you want to watch what SOLDIER Boy here gets into, feel free to keep him on your friend list.

As for me, inspiration is calling! Whee! <3
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
6:42 pm
I had a talk with her again. She's doing all right, at least by her accounts. She did need a hug, though. So I'm glad that I could give her that much. It was nice doing something good for someone who needed it. Gods only know that I didn't do it as much when I was alive. and in SOLDIER? What little good I /did/ do usually wound up helping the company instead of the people. So there it is; I'm not ashamed of what I did. I just wish it could have worked out differently.

Kar? Thanks for giving me the chance to help you out. And remember what I said. The guy who winds up gaining your heart is a lucky, lucky bastard. You're one in a million, kid. No matter what anybody says, you're a sweet girl. And I'm glad I got to know you. So stop being so gloomy, all right? Your guy isn't gonna find you if you're frowning all the time!

Take it from me. Smiles work the best! :D

Current Mood: chipper
Friday, October 21st, 2005
1:47 pm
From paper flowers to slum apartments (private, to Aerith)
The Lifestream could be a very disorienting place for the newcomer. It was all a jumble of people and animals, plants and other things that defied any description you tried to place on them. And it was noisy. Very noisy. It'd have to be; after all, every living thing on the Planet eventually wound up in it.

But then there was the City. That's what everyone called it: the City. There wasn't any other place like it, and no one could ever agree on one certain name. It was a confusing little place: a mish-mash of every town and metropolis in the living world, all jumbled up into one big jigsaw puzzle. Streets could routinely go from wide avenues to Corel alleyways in a matter of steps. Trees were known to sprout up without warning right in the middle of somebody's living room.

And the architecture was something else. Anything you could name, it was there. Wutain pagodas squeezed in between Junon high-rises, Gongaga' crumbling huts sharing space with Costa Del Sol's haciendas. And then there was the Sector. Namely, Sector Seven. Both the slums and the plate had just appeared one day, mired so thickly together that the area had become its own slice of Midgar. That's where Zack called home. Well, as close to home as he could get.

Fortunately, there were three other people who had lived in that building in their previous lives. Zack never communicated much with them: one was way before his time, the others came after his death. So he was left alone, in his slightly run-down apartment on the fifth floor. The elevator only went to four floors in that building. Which was strange, considering that the original had twenty. But that's Lifestream logic for you: rarely did anything make sense in the City.

Zack paced the floor, glancing now and again at the unconcious flower girl on his sofa. He had managed to rescue his one-time girlfriend just as her refuge had collapsed in on itself. He figured that his apartment was about as safe a place as anywhere else in the Lifestream. "Though why I didn't go somewhere else, I'll never know," the SOLDIER muttered to himself.

He sighed and ran one hand across his face. "I hope she snaps out of it soon," he said to the almost-empty room. "She's giving me the creeps, laying there all quiet and still." He shuddered involuntarily and turned towards his dingy kitchen. "Better make her some tea, just in case she wakes up."

Current Mood: freaked out
Thursday, October 13th, 2005
6:52 pm
Zack could feel it, and whatever "it" was, it was bad.

The Lifestream hadn't been this roiled up in years. It was like getting hit in the face by a tidal wave; the sheer force of it was enough to knock a weaker man to his knees. He'd never felt this kind of raw emotion before. Panic, fear, and something akin to sadness were all mixed up and heaving about like a pot of boiling water. It had gotten so bad that he'd finally had to clear out for a while.

Edge wasn't exactly the best place to be, but it was closest to his "charges". Whatever that horrible thing was, Zack figured there would be only one group of people involved. Yeah, call ti nuts, but Zack felt an obligation to keep an eye out for that motly little party. They got into trouble, they had some major issues, but the former SOLDIER liked their spirit. So he was acting as a pseudo- guardian angel.

Hell, /somebody/ needed to keep an eye on Kadaj and his siblings, after all! Especially since whatever was about to happen would involve them.

Zack really didn't like where any of this was heading.

Current Mood: nervous
Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
2:18 pm
I miss being alive. Yeah, I've said it before. And you know why? Because it's true.

Now don't get me wrong. Being a ghost has its sweet spots. I can hang out with Aerith, I can play pranks on people without their knowledge, and I can defy all the laws of nature without even trying! And I have to admit: the Lifestream is a very cool place. It's like a social mixer and a sector shindig combined. You never know who you'll find next!

But... I miss being me. I miss smelling the fresh-baked bread that Mom would make just for me. I miss that crazy atmosphere in Midgar bars. I even miss skinning my knee when jumping out of a transport. You know? All those little things that make life what it is. Things like food, flowers, the way your best friend laughed.

Oh sure, I try to cover for it. I'm still me, after all. Still got all these crazy memories in my head, all these notions about who I am. But what makes me sad is that that's all I'm gonna have.

No more cracking jokes with Cloud just because we could.

No more fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants adventures halway around the world.

No more going home and seeing Mom and Dad's happy faces when I walk in the door.

No more anything...

Current Mood: depressed
Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
7:57 pm
Strange News
I don't think I should have been spooking people on the streets. Word's gotten around that I'm in the vicinity. Well, they don't know it's me, actually. I'm "that tall guy with black hair that's always hanging around near Cloud".

>.> I'm not that tall, am I? Am I?

I wonder how Aerith is? I haven't heard from her in a while. Which is weird, considering how we're both ghosts. And I wonder how the rest of Cloud's little rag-tag team is doing...

It's times like these that make me hate being a ghost!

Except the prank oppertunities are excellent.

Current Mood: reflective
7:39 pm
Phase One Complete
[Locked to everyone except Rude, Elena, and Reeve]

I found Reno's booze! It was hidden under a pile of magazines in the trunk of his car. Very odd magazines, need I add. Stuff about Materia and its uses, weapons magazines, that sort of thing.

Elena, commence with Phase Two of Operation Snooze Button. You know what to do, so go do it!

Rude, I need to talk with you. There's gotta be something for you to do if you're a co-conspirator.

Reeve, do your best to remedy those "technical difficulties" we talked about earlier. Nasty things; they always pop up at inoppertune times. Like during a big speech, for example!

Current Mood: overjoyed
12:59 pm
On the Hunt
Checking the following areas for Reno's booze:

- The entire floor where the Turk offices are
- The science floors (probably not there)
- The sub-basements
- Any storage areas (trunks, cupboards, etc.)
- Rufus's secretary's desk (can't be too careful, right?)
- The cafeteria and lounges
- Reno's car (yeah, obvious)
- Rude and Tseng's desks
- Just as a precaution, Elena's desk (I'm just covering all the bases here!)
- Any bathrooms between the public elevators and the presidential office
- Anywhere Reno might hang out in

Current Mood: on the lookout
11:03 am
Things to Do When Bored (Ghost Version)
1. Tap-dance on a Shinra worker's desk. Extremely funny if said worker is there at the time. (*cough*Tseng*cough*)

2. Sneak into the secrity office and watch surveillance videos. You can find plenty of blackmail material in there, by the way. Hint hint, Cloud...

3. Scare people on the street. Things you shouldn't scare include small children, large dogs that can talk, AVALANCHE survivors, and a woman who answers to the nickname of 'Laney.

4. Make friends with God. It's fun!

5. Have God send threatening notes to that blonde git who ignored you.

6. Find those old photos of yourself and turn them into cool/silly icons for your journal.

7. Make friends with Reeve. (Still need to do this.)

8. Otherwise pester/taunt the people who turned you into a dead SOLDIER First Class in the first place!

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, October 1st, 2005
10:10 am
Testing, testing
Still wish I could have been a mercenary. Oh well, at least Cloud got to have a life.

Hi. *wiggles fingers* If I'm a ghost, how come I still feel like I did when I was alive? This is really weird...
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